Head of Hygiene Laboratory.

Nikolay Britanov graduated the Sanitation and Hygiene Faculty of Rostov State Medical Institute with a specialization in sanitation. He passed his PhD defense in hygiene in 1980 and then he defended his doctoral thesis in hygiene in 2015. He is a Laureate of the Russian Federation Government Award in Science and Technology (2007)
Mr. Britanov has been working in RIHTOP since 1974.
His area of expertise includes the hygienic assessment of working conditions at extremely hazardous production facilities, expert medical and environmental evaluation of location areas of hazardous facilities, and health risk assessment in personnel and population.
Mr. Britanov is the author of more than 90 scientific papers.
For information, please contact:
Telephone: (8442) 78-62-10 

The Hygiene Laboratory deals with the assessment of hazardous factors at occupational sites and in the environment; expert sanitary and epidemiological evaluation of engineering materials at extremely hazardous facilities; assessment of the health impact of hazardous facilities on personnel, population, and the environment; expert evaluation of cause-effect relationships between diseases and professional activities in those occupied in extremely hazardous facilities; health risk assessment in personnel and population under exposure to chemical factors.
The main areas of the Laboratory’s research include hygienic monitoring of works at facilities using extremely and highly hazardous substances; hygienic safety of decommissioning, conversion or elimination of former development, production, storage, and disposal facilities and of other hazardous chemical production facilities; the development of regulatory and procedural guidelines on arrangement and implementation of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance

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