QUALITY Control Department

Valeri Grigorevich Kirukhin.
Head of Quality Control Department
Dr. Kirukhin was graduated from the 1-st Leningrad Medical School (1969) by specialty of therapeutic occupation. In 1972, he earned his Candidate for the work he did in pharmacology. His academic rank is a senior research associate. He has been at the Institute since 1972. Before becoming Head of Quality Control Department, Dr. Kirukhin took charge of the Laboratory of Experimental Therapy 1980, and starting in 2002, was appointed Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Toxicology. From 1985 to 2005, he served as Deputy Director on Research Work.
His professional interests include research of delayed consequences from poisonings by highly toxic agents, and refining present methods of therapy for acute and chronic intoxications in humans.

The Quality Control Department is founded in 2006 on basis of the former Standards and Metrology Division. Its main functions are as follows: control over consistency between R&D works under implementation and requirements imposed by good laboratory practice, plus repair and measurement tools testing. At present, the Department develops and provides a useful guide to research divisions that are engaged in the development of materials required for going to good laboratory practice (standard laboratory run procedures SLRP). Its another function is to conduct regular inspections of how researches are performed.
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