Valentin Egorovich ZHUKOV is head of the Laboratory.
 He was graduated from the Volgograd State Medical School by specialty medical treatment. His academic degrees in toxicology include Ph.D. (1988) and Doctorate (2004).
Since 1973, he has been at the RIHTOP.
His professional interests include the issues of hygienic standards for adverse substances in air of working zone, assessment of risk degree from combined exposures to toxicants, evaluated prognostication of possible hazard from accidental releases of chemicals and toxicological evaluation of industrial waste hazard.
He is author of more than 100 scientific papers.
Dr. Zhukov has received the State Medal "For the Merits to Fatherland, 2-nd rank"
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The Laboratory of Industrial Toxicology deals with investigations into toxic properties of adverse substances, with the aim to validate hygienic standards for occupational exposure to these substances (MPC).

Recently, 13 experimentally proved standards for safety of toxic substances have been developed and adopted. Assessment of the degree of hazard of industrial wastes that originate from chemical destruction of toxic agents by different procedures has been carried out. Toxicological evaluations of occupational hazards, produced by the Laboratory, have been used by the Russian Governmental to issue a number of decrees dealing with safety provision of chemical weapons destruction processes.

The Laboratory staff is presented by highly skilled experts having large research experience.

The first priority would be given to research topics that can significantly contribute to assessing the extent of hazard arising from combined exposure to adverse substances.

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