Marina Nikolaevna IGNATENKO
Head of the Department is Marina N. IGNATENKO.
She studied chemistry and biology at the Volgograd State Teacher's Instutite, which she graduated in 1978. Later, she got additional education: "English for Experts" advance course (1986-1988) at the same Institute; "Applied Marketing" course (2000) at the International Management Institute, LINK; "Introductory Grantsmanship" course (2004) at the American Civilian Research and Development Foundation; «Rights to intellectual activity results and individualization means» course (2012) at International Training Center of Volgograd Chamber of Commerce. She has been at the RIHTOP since 1999, and since July 2003 has been appointed head of department.
For information, please contact:
Telephone/Fax: (8442) 78-62-60

In June 2002, the international projects department was established in the institute as organizational, methodical, analytical, promotional and marketing division. By that time the institute has gained some international contacts and experience in cooperation with foreign partners, concrete results were achieved. In 2012 the area of the department’s activity has been expanded and it was renamed the patenting, informational support and international cooperation department. The department was assigned additional responsibility to manage of intellectual property rights.

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