Boris N. Filatov.

Boris N. Filatov graduated Kirov Military Medical Academy, Leningrad. He passed his PhD defense in pharmacology and then he defended his doctoral thesis in hygiene. He was voted in Russian Ecological Academy as a full member. Mr. Filatov was awarded the title of Professor in toxicology in 2006.
He has been working in RIHTOP since 1973. In 1980, he established an information technology laboratory and has been running it up to the present. He has been a director of RIHTOP since 2001.
Mr. Filatov was Russian Chief Manager of the International Arctic Project on Dioxin Environmental Pollution Mitigation (2002-2005). He holds international certificates in Risk Assessment (Harvard Institute for International Development, USA) and in Good Laboratory Practice (BioIndustry Initiative, USA). He was a manager of several International Science & Technology Center research projects (1996-2013).
Mr. Filatov is an editorial board member of the Journal of Chemical and Biological Safety (Khimicheskaya i Biologicheskaya Bezopasnost), Journal of Emergency Medicine (Meditsina Ekstremalnykh Situatsiy) and Journal of Volgograd State Medical University (Vestnik Volgogradskogo Meditsinskogo Universiteta); he is also an expert and member of the International Technical Committee on Nanotechnology.
Mr. Filatov has won state, government and departmental awards.
His area of expertise includes Chemical Emergency Containment and Remediation, Health Risk Assessment. He is the author of more than 300 scientific papers including 6 monographs.
Information for contacts:
Telephone: (8442) 78-62-02, (8442) 78-62-57


Valentina Vasilyevna Klauchek, Deputy Director Science Officer

Dr. Klauchek was graduated from The Vologograd State Medical School as an outstanding student by specialty of therapeutic occupation in 1977. She has been at the Institute since 1981. In 1982, she earned her Candidate of medical sciences, and then she obtained her Doctorate (2004) for work she did in hygiene. From 1987 to 2006, she was in charge of the science and organization department. Starting in 2006, she is a deputy director science officer.
Her professional interests include the problems of sanitary and hygiene safe provision at extremely dangerous productions.
She is the author of more than 200 scientific papers
Information for contacts:
Telephone: (8442) 78-62-59

General Deputy Director
Anatoliy M. Davydov
Anatoliy M. Davydov earned a degree in Automation and Complex Mechanization in Machinery Manufacturing at Volgograd Technological University in 1990. He has worked in RIHTOP since October 2005, holding the position of Chief Power Engineer. In March 2011, he became General Deputy Director.
Area of interests: manufacturing process operations
Information for contacts:
Telephone: (8442) 78-61-80


Deputy Director for Finance
Irina S. Mukhranova

Irina S. Mukhranova graduated the economics faculty of Volgograd State University with a specialization in “Business accounting and Audit” (special qualification of economist) in 1998. She started working in RIHTOP on February, 2001 in the capacity of Deputy Chief Accountant. On January, 2003 she occupied a position of Chief Accountant. Since July, 2008 Irina S. Mukhranova has been holding a position of Deputy Director for Finance.
Area of interests: Changes in financial, tax, and labor legislation
Contact details:
Telephone: (8442) 78-62-72; (8442) 78-62-47

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