Marina A. Grishina

The Candidate Of Medical Sciences.

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The Laboratory of Immunology deals with researches in three areas, such as immunology, allergy and immunochemistry.

Several specific areas of research have been selected by the Laboratory as deserving high priority in the nearest future. First, the development of tools capable of activating immune system and increasing human body resistance to harmful exposures; second, and probably of equal importance, are the tools that speed up the rehabilitation of immune status in individuals subjected to immunity-depressing exposures to adverse factors. There is need to develop new more appropriate methods for express diagnosis of autosensitization and tools that can contribute to diminishing and the correction of autosensitization. Immunochemical methods are being developed to facilitate the task of revealing the presence of adverse substances in the environment and biological media.

Some specific sera, that have been developed in the Laboratory, when used for identification in immunoassays, allow sensitive and accurate detection of autosensitization condition, as well as an appropriate antigen. This opens the way for effective therapy aimed at preventing or decreasing a level of sensitization, and makes it possible to follow the course of treatment, to correct curative measures and to evaluate immune status. Another field of immune sera application is immunochemical analysis of an interest substance in the environment and biological media.


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