Igor Emmanuilovich PILDUS is head of the Department.
 He was graduated from the Leningrad Chemical Engineering School by specialty of "solid chemistry" in 1964. His degree in essential organic synthesis technology includes a Ph.D. (1972). In 1987, he was named a senior research associate in analytical chemistry.
Since 1979, he has been at the RIHTOP.
His professional interests include estimation of chemical emergencies, identification and quantification of organic compounds in environmental and biological media.
He is author of more than 150 scientific papers, including 15 patents. For information, please contact:

Telephone: (8442) 78-61-96

The Chemistry Department is responsible for analytical balance provision of hygienic and toxicological studies that are carried out at the RIHTOP. Research efforts are directed towards the development of methods to identify and quantify toxic chemicals and their precursors (i.e. any chemical reactant that takes part at any stage in the production by whatever method of a toxic chemical) and other organic compounds in environmental objects and biological media. In particular, analytical methods for sanitary and chemical control of military nerve agents to be disposed in Russia have been developed and effectively employed in practice.

The fellows of the department are authors of numerous analytical balance estimations which cover the variety of applications.

Basic analytical equipment includes: gas chromatographs, "Krystall" 2002-2004; chromatographic mass spectrometer ITD-800 "Finnigan-MAT", chromatographs with IR- and AED detectors (USA), liquid chromatographs, "Knauer" and "Gilson", spectrophotometer CN-2100, "Shimadzu", spectrofluorometer "Hitachi" and equipment for inhalation studies.
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