Filatov, B.N. Stoikie Organicheskie Zagryazniteli. Upravlenie Riskom Vozdeistviya na Okruzhayuschuyu Sredu i Zdorovie Naseleniya [Persistent Organic Pollutants. Risk Management for Environmental and Population Health Exposure (in Russian)]./ B.N. Filatov, V.I. Varenik, A.V. Gorshenin, V.V. Klauchek, V.A. Nikolayev, S.Yu. Semyonov, V.V. Shilov. – Volgograd, 2013. – 180 p.

The book is designed as a guidebook for professionals dealing with epidemiology of non-contagious diseases, social-hygienic monitoring, environmental protection and solving demographic and medical-social problems.

The guidebook was prepared and issued within the frames of federal special-purpose program “National System of Chemical and Biological Safety of the Russian Federation (2009-2014 years)».


A.A. Voronin Stochastic and Optimization Models within the Tasks of Dynamics: Pospelovsky Digest / A.A. Voronin, A.M. Kolody, T.I. Kolody et al. edited by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, prof. A.A. Voronin “Volgograd State University”. - Volgograd: Publishing office of VolGU, 2011. – 282 p.

The monograph provides the results of researches regarding dynamical systems, optimization and governing. The researches were performed by the staff of Department of Fundamental Informatics and Optimal Control of Volgograd State University. The issues of ergodic theory, stochastic models of cancerogenesis, mathematic methods for varicose diseases diagnostics, optimization models of dynamics of hierarchies, algorithmic questions of searching of equilibrium in the discrete dynamical games are considered.


Lobanov, M.M. & Filatov, B.N. (Ed.) (2009) Human metabolic phenotype: biochemistry, physiology, pathology, and diagnostics. FSUE RIHTOP FMBA Russia. Volgograd: Panorama 192 pp.

The monograph provides data on the substantiation of a methodology for human metabolic phenotype determination using saliva (oral fluid) biochemical indices. Methodological approaches to determining hormones’ activity in an organism by the characteristics of their effects on the properties of biotargets represented by malate dehydrogenase and salivary lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes were developed. Metabolism characteristics specific to differences in main hormones’ activity in examined individuals represent criteria for determination of a metabolic phenotype. Capabilities of this methodology were demonstrated while studying sexual cycle characteristics’ dependence on metabolic phenotype characteristics in women under normal and pathological conditions. The research presented could be useful for broad audience of science officers, teachers and endocrinologists


Ecological and Hygienic Aspects in Relation to Chemical Weapons Destruction Ed. by P.E. Shkodich, V.F. Zheltobrukhov, V.V. Klauchek, Volgograd State University Press, Volgograd, 2004, 236 pp

The monograph is devoted to a new and little-studied problem of chemical weapons destruction in Russia.

The book begins with an introduction, which serves as a condensed history of CW creation and application and overview of physical, chemical and toxicological properties of toxic agents to be disposed. It contains a good section on description of the existing CW stockpiles and presents in detail the information on international agreements and legislative basis for implementing national programmes on CW destruction. Thoughts on what must be considered in the field of hygienic requirements necessary to design CWD facilities and execute preventive and routine sanitary supervision of working conditions and environmental protection measures are presented. There is special section on population safety provision and environmental protection under conditions of industrial accidents with the involvement of dangerous materials.

This book should be of value to expert community and anyone with a special interest in this area should also find it both interesting and informative.

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 The International symposium on "Medical and Biological issues of chemical weapons stockpile demilitarization" was held in Volgograd from 26 to 28 August 2003 and organized by the RIHTOP.
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The International symposium on "Decision-Making Tools in Response to Terrorist Use of Hazardous Substances - Minimizing Health Effects for Populations" was held in Volgograd from 8 to 9 October 2002.


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