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About Site

We are glad to greet you at our site pages and thank you for your interest to our Institute.

The site supplies general information about our Institute, gives an idea of its activities and offers the prospect of well-informed contact for potential customers of scientific-research designs and investors.

For specific information, write, call and come to us. We are pleased to consider all potential pro-posals of mutually beneficial orders and contacts.

Be sure to make a reference to the source when using the site information.
The site has been created according to the order of Dr. B.N. Filatov, Director of the Institute.

Work on the site involved:

Project Administrator - L.G. Pildus.

Web-master - S.A. Popik
since September, 2010 - D.M. Sprygin
since January, 2013 - A.A. Lepehin
E-mail: lepehin@rihtop.ru

Web-designer - D.Yu. Schapochkina
E-mail: shapochkina@rihtop.ru

and English text - S.V. Korosteleva.

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