Research Institute of Hygiene, Toxicology, and Occupational Pathology (RIHTOP) is under authority of Federal Medical-Biological Agency. In its turn the latter is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (Presidential Decree No. 1304 of 11 October 2004).

Activities of the RIHTOP:
  • scientific activity in conformity with the RIHTOP objectives;
  • business work;
  • external economic activity that is not in conflict with character of the Institute activities.

The RIHTOP brainpower has a large experience in research activities that are continuously performed in different areas such as toxicology, chemistry, occupational pathology, hygiene and clinics, as well as an appropriate level of theoretical knowledge and skill. A wide variety of scientific issues are successfully being resolved by combining direct researches on the premises with laboratory experiments and examinations in clinical settings. Six Doctors of Science (Russian highest graduate degree, higher than American Ph.D) and nineteen Candidates (equivalent of American Ph.D) present the scientific staff, as well as highly skilled experts who have been presented the state awards. In the light of the experience gained over the past 35 years, a current potential of the RIHTOP is based on considerable number of studies of both basic and applied importance. The available system of specific laboratories, modern information technology tools, which is supported by a proper Hospital of Occupational Diseases, promote greatly the solving of different tasks at highly professional level.

Valery A. Antonov, D.M. and professor, is director of the RIHTOP
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